Are factory workers able to file a workers’ compensation claim?

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With many workers carrying out various tasks, a great deal of activity happens in a factory. Some may operate machinery while others perform carrying and lifting duties. No matter what work the employee performs, risks exist for injuries. Florida workers may consider filing a workers’ compensation claim when hurt on the job.

Accidents common in a factory setting

Certain types of injuries might not be exclusive to factories, although a factory setting could increase their prevalence. Slip-and-fall accidents may happen because of the objects that workers must navigate around, among other causes. Liquid spills may lead to slippery falls in a factory no different than what might happen in a grocery store.

Falling objects might reflect hazards common to many factory environments. Sprains and strains from lifting things may also be commonplace among factory workers.

And what is inside the factory? Are there hazardous materials such as chemicals? Would the worker come in contact with hot pipes or other sources for a potentially severe burn?

Recovery times could vary as the effects of accidents won’t be the same. Whether a worker must recover for three weeks or one year may be irrelevant. The worker may still need to address lost wages. A workers’ compensation claim could provide a solution.

Filing for workers’ compensation in Florida

Florida follows a no-fault system, which means the employer need not be negligent for an employee to have a valid claim. If hurt on the job, the employee may take steps to file for workers’ compensation. That said, denials are possible, and appeals may become necessary. Working with an attorney to handle the various steps in the process could prove beneficial.

Worker’s compensation claims require accurate and complete applications. Errors and oversight could lead to delays, which is why working with an attorney might be beneficial. There may be instances where the employer challenges the claim, and representation might help in such scenarios. Denials might require appeals, which is another area where an attorney may offer assistance.

Factory employees may suffer injuries on the job, necessitating a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney could help workers file such a claim.


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