Motorcycle crashes often lead to serious injuries

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One of the many things you may appreciate about your motorcycle is the sense of freedom you get when you are riding. Like many other bikers, you enjoy the open road and the overall experience. While you know that you have the same rights as any other motorists, other drivers may not know or care that you do. Other drivers who are reckless, aggressive or negligent around bikes can cause serious accidents.

Even a low-speed collision can cause serious injuries for individuals who are on motorcycles. You could be wearing a helmet and all the protective gear available to you, but you are largely powerless to mitigate the force of a moving vehicle. This is why motorcycle accidents often result in significant or fatal injuries for bikers, and this is why drivers have a particular responsibility to safely share the road.

Common motorcycle injuries

The most common motorcycle injuries range from minor bruises to permanent damage. Even an injury that may seem relatively minor can leave you in pain, requiring medical attention and causing you to take time off work to recover. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Road rash – This is a type of skin abrasion that happens when a biker skids across pavement. It can be quite severe, peeling off several layers of skin and affecting the nerves.
  • Arm injuries – A person’s instinct is to brace for an impact, and after a collision, a biker may try to break the fall with his or her arms. Broken and damaged arms are a common injury in motorcycle crashes.
  • Head and neck injuries – These injuries can happen even if you are wearing a helmet. An impact to the head can result in concussions, damage to the neck, severe brain damage and more.
  • Leg injuries – In a crash, a biker’s leg may drag on the ground or the bike may fall over on the biker’s leg. Injuries to the lower extremities have the potential to cause serious damage that may be disabling and permanent.

These are only a few of the many ways a motorcycle accident can leave you with serious injuries that have the potential to change your life. If the crash is the result of the negligent or reckless actions of a Florida driver, you do not have to suffer alone. You could have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. A personal injury attorney can help you explore the legal options available to you.


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