How do you recognize heat exhaustion?

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Florida is a great place to live, and it’s a better place to work. There’s always something to be done, and with major corporations such as Walt Disney and Universal Studios in the area, there is no lack of opportunity.

Still, even at the happiest places on Earth, it’s possible to suffer serious injuries that require you to file for workers’ compensation. One of the issues people run into in Florida is heat exhaustion, which is something you must be extremely cautious of even throughout the winter.

What is heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is when the body cannot adequately cool itself down. It may be dehydrated, leading to a lack of sweat, or there could be other factors.

There are a few symptoms of heat exhaustion to watch out for. Heat cramps are the first and most prominent. Fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure and heavy sweating may also occur. Moist skin that feels cool to the touch and has goosebumps can also be a sign.

People struggling with heat exhaustion may rapidly deteriorate into a condition called heat stroke. This is life-threatening and requires immediate medical treatment.

What should you do if you notice these symptoms in you or a coworker?

In either case, it’s vital to get the person to a cooler area. They should drink water, preferably at room temperature. Call for emergency assistance and wait with the individual until the emergency medical team arrives. Quickly treating heat exhaustion can prevent heat stroke and the life-threatening consequences that could result.

If you suffer this injury on the job, know that workers’ compensation should cover it. Your employer should help you file a claim, but if they refuse, your attorney can step in to help.


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