What sorts of conditions can cause seizures?

When a resident of Central Florida thinks of someone having a seizure, the image that comes to mind may be that of someone writhing or shaking uncontrollably on the ground. While this is one type of seizure, there are in fact many different types of seizures that come with their own symptoms.

For example, some people may experience a complete loss of consciousness during a seizure or may start repeating the same motion over and over. In other cases, a person may remain aware while experiencing a seizure, but they may at the same time have sudden sensory problems or involuntary muscle movements. Other types of seizures involve one’s muscles either tightening or going limp. In both cases, this type of seizure may cause the person to lose balance and fall.

Seizures happen on account of unusual electrical activity in the brain. The brain coordinates internally and communicates with the rest of the body via cells called neurons, which send electrical signals. When these signals get interfered with for any reason, a seizure can be the end result.

While the most common cause of seizures is a diagnosis of epilepsy, other conditions can trigger them as well. For instance, a stroke can cause seizures, as can trauma to the head, particularly if the trauma involves bleeding on the brain. Brain cancer or another form of growth on the brain can also cause a seizure. In some cases, a seizure is the side effect of powerful medication that someone needs to take for another medical condition.

Although treatment for seizures is available, frequent seizures can mean a Florida resident is unable to continue working. In these sorts of situations, disability benefits may be available through the Social Security Administration.


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