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The symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and related illnesses

A previous post here discussed how our law office is able to assist victims of Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis and other digestive ailments in order to get disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. It is important for residents of Central Florida to realize that these sorts of digestive ailments are more than an occasional bout of diarrhea or even an ongoing problem with a weak stomach. For instance, the symptoms of Crohn’s disease can include serious issues like rectal bleeding, chronic fatigue and weight loss, in addition to a constant need to use the bathroom.

In the most serious cases of the condition, a person can experience an obstruction in their digestive tract, ulcers, malnutrition and other problems that would require a hospital stay.

Crohn’s disease is not the only medical condition that can leave a Florida resident with serious digestive issues. For instance, a condition often confused with Crohn’s, called ulcerative colitis, can also leave a Florida resident dealing with similar medical problems. The symptoms of this condition are even sometimes confused with Crohn’s, and doctors have yet to figure out what exactly triggers this condition or the periodic flare-ups associated with it.

Digestive illnesses like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can leave a person unable to hold a job for any reasonable length of time as they deal both with the condition itself and ongoing medical treatments. Fortunately, these people can seek financial help by applying for SSD benefits. However, this process requires a person to document their illness carefully and meet legal standards that may be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the Social Security system to understand.


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