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What factors are used to evaluate disability benefits for cancer?

Cancer can be one of the most serious illnesses a person in Florida can suffer. Not only is the disease itself incapacitating, but even the treatments used to put the cancer into remission can negatively impact a person’s health. The Social Security Administration recognizes this, and has included cancer in its “Listing of Impairments.”

When evaluating a person’s application for disability benefits for cancer, the SSA will look at a number of factors. It will look at where the cancer originated. It will also look at the extent of involvement in the cancer. When it comes to cancer treatments, the SSA will look at how long a person will undergo such treatments, how frequently they will do so and how their body responds to the treatments

. Finally, the SSA will look at how any post-therapeutic residuals affect the applicant. The applicant must also meet the criteria of the specific cancer listed.

If a person’s condition does not fall under one of the listed cancers, it may still be possible for them to pursue disability benefits for cancer. The cancers listed are simply examples of those that the SSA has determined are so severe that they will keep a person from engaging in any gainful activity. If a person’s medical condition does not fall under one of the cancer listings, the SSA will also look at whether the applicant’s medical condition falls under another one of the listings or whether it medically equals a listing.

This is only a brief overview of how the SSA will determine whether a person with cancer has a disability. Pursuing Social Security disability benefits can be tough, and many times a person’s first attempt will be denied, necessitating an appeal. Fortunately, attorneys are available to help a person navigate the application process for Social Security disability benefits.


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