Seeking SSD benefits for an organic mental disorder

Suffering from a mental illness can be a very debilitating situation. It is not only a condition that causes an individual mental and even physical impairments, it can make it challenging to enjoy life or maintain gainful employment. Therefore, it is not only important to take any type of mental disorder seriously but it is also imperative to consider what financial options are available to those suffering from a mental condition.

For some, it is difficult to ascertain what is considered a mental condition and what makes it a debilitating disorder. This post will focus on organic mental conditions, which is a dysfunction of the brain that could have permanent or temporary results. It is described as a condition that causes reduced brain functions as a result of illnesses rather than a psychiatric condition.

An organic mental disorder is caused by disturbances in the brain that may be caused by an injury or a disease affecting the brain tissues. It can also be caused by chemical and hormonal abnormalities in the brain. Additionally, the exposure to toxic materials, neurological impairments or the abnormal changes to the brain associated with aging could also be the cause of an organic mental disorder.

Also, concussions, blood clots or an incident that causes bleeding in or around the brain could lead to an organic brain syndrome. Events that cause low oxygen in the blood, high amounts of carbon dioxide in the body, strokes, brain infections and heart infections could also lead to an organic mental disorder. Finally, degenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Huntington disease and multiple sclerosis could also contribute to a person suffering an organic mental condition.

For some, an organic mental disorder might only be a temporary condition; however, others might get worse over time. In these cases, these individuals do not respond to treatment, making it difficult to function independently. Therefore, those suffering a debilitating condition due to an organic mental condition should consider his or her options regarding Social Security Disability.

SSD benefits could help those suffering from a mental condition receive the benefits they need to cover living expenses and expenses related to medical treatment. Those seeking SSD benefits should understand the applications process, requirements for these benefits and their rights regarding these benefits.

Source:, “What is an Organic Mental Disorder?” Ann Logsdon, Feb. 18, 2017


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