Common reasons why an applicant might be denied SSD benefits

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People in Florida might seek Social Security disability for a number or reasons. It can be for a physical illness, a mental illness, injuries or conditions. One of the biggest fears is being denied Social Security when they felt they had a sound case. Having an understanding as to why a claim might have been denied may help claimants avoid the pitfalls that others might have fallen into. Given the number of people who are declared disabled — 37 million Americans — Social Security disability is an integral part of helping them survive.

Approximately two-thirds of claims are denied. Many times, it is due to mistakes. One is if there were not enough working credits to qualify. This is linked to the amount of time a claimant worked and it is required to have reached a certain level to be eligible. Another is making too much money. Examples include having investment income or a trust. The amount earned per month must be lower than $1,090 if the person is not blind. In addition, if the claimant’s condition is not severe enough to meet the criteria for disability, then the claim will be denied. The condition must last for a minimum of 12 months or end in the claimant’s death.

If the claimant is found to be able to do another form of work, then the claim might be denied. This is true even if the work is not exactly the same as work that was previously done. The claimant’s employment history and level of disability factor in. It might seem rudimentary to have the correct documentation, but this is a frequently cited reason when claimants are denied. Income, work history, lists of jobs for the previous 15 years, pay stubs, medical proof of disability and other documents are required in the federal regulations for seeking benefits. Not having the full medical proof and documentation as to why the benefits should be approved can hinder an approval.

The Social Security Administration is not a machine. There are people who go through the applications and it is possible that a mistake will be made. Finally, many claimants simply give up on the process without following through completely. If the claim is viable, then this is a major error as completing the process could yield an approval. Understanding these factors can help claimants work through the Social Security disability application process.

Source: Motley Fool, “8 Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Was Rejected,” Dayana Yochim, July 25, 2015


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