How can I receive SSD benefits for skin disorders?

When suffering from certain illnesses or issues, people in Kissimmee might be under the impression that the only problems that will result in being approved for Social Security disability benefits for illness are those that are completely debilitating. This is not the case. There are numerous problems that a person might have that cause them significant pain and suffering and are such that they are eligible for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. Skin disorders fall into this category.

When skin problems are assessed for their applicability to SSD benefits, they will be viewed as to whether they’re hereditary, congenital or have been acquired. Impairments that are part of the category of skin disorders include burns, genetic photosensitivity, chronic infections, dermatitis, bullous diseases and ichthyosis. For a possible approval to receive benefits, the SSA will evaluate the skin issue to ensure that it exists and determine its severity.

For the decision as to whether it exists and how severe it is, the frequency in which the problem arises, how severe it is, the length of time in which it is a problem and what leads to its onset will all be factored in. In addition, where the lesions appear, their size and what the history of the patient is whether the problems are family-related or were acquired in some other way is also important. The time of the flare ups will be accounted for. For example, do the skin problems appear in the summer and then subside when the seasons change? Lab findings will also be key with a possible biopsy and blood tests by a medical professional deemed to be an authority by the SSA.

The SSA will conduct an assessment as to how severe the disorder is. How often the problems arise, what the symptoms are and how they’re limiting, and what the treatment will be all are taken into account. For those who have skin problems that they believe qualify them for SSD benefits, it is worthwhile to apply.

A legal professional experienced in helping clients file for benefits even if they were unaware that they might have a chance of being approved can be of great help when seeking Social Security disability benefits for illness regardless of what the problem might be.

Source: Social Security Administration, “8.00 Skin Disorders,” accessed on Mar. 24, 2015


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