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Bipolar disorder, known for decades as manic depression, is a very common condition marked by strong changes in moods. Bipolar disorder is treatable, primarily with medication and therapy, but it can be disabling for the person who suffers from it.

People who struggle with mood swings can have trouble concentrating, staying on task and dealing with authority figures — which can make it very difficult for an individual to remain employable. Part of what creates the problem are the side effects that accompany many bipolar medications.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available to people who are unable to work because of a disabling condition. Bipolar disorder is one of many types of mental disorders, disabling impairments that can qualify a person for cash benefits and medical benefits.

Help With Disability Benefits Related To Bipolar Diagnoses

At The Lawrence Law Firm, with offices in Kissimmee, Orlando and Tampa, Florida, we work on a regular basis with clients who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorders, helping them navigate the process of winning their SSD claims. We may be able to assist you if your case involves:

  • Bipolar medication that affects your daily functioning — and that may be adjusted on a regular basis
  • A Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) score below or near 50
  • Impairment that can be medically documented and proven to a judge
  • A denied SSD claim

Everyone’s bipolar story is different. Every Social Security case is different. An experienced attorney can give you an honest assessment of your claim and explain your legal rights.

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