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A closed head injury is merely one that does not fracture the skull. It does not take much trauma to the head to cause lasting and serious impairment, though X-rays, CT scans and MRIs do not show the damage.


Closed head injuries are similar to a severe concussion. They frequently occur in the workplace and in slip-and-fall accidents. The victim is briefly unconscious and then suffers headaches and short-term memory problems. Neurologists generally wait several months to see if symptoms fade. If not, the victim undergoes a battery of tests to diagnose the condition.

At this point cognitive retraining is usually recommended. This is an attempt to assist the sufferer in adjusting to daily life with memory loss and other problems. A notepad, for example, can be helpful as a reminder of tasks to do and directions to places one needs to go.

For long-term medical conditions caused by a negligent party, hire a lawyer who can effectively obtain the large monetary settlement or jury verdict you or your loved one will need. You will need to negotiate with the responsible insurance company. Attorney Chad Lawrence worked defending against personal injury actions before founding The Lawrence Law Firm. While other law firms handle only Social Security, or workers’ compensation or personal injury lawsuits, The Lawrence Law Firm serves all your potential needs.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury/brain injury in any type of accident, contact our law office to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation. We handle all our cases on a contingency fee basis — this means that we do not require any fees up front, and we do not get paid unless you get a settlement or a jury verdict.

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