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Central Florida has an expansive highway system and industrial corridor, a Walmart distribution center among others, and lots of truck traffic. I-95, I-75, U.S. 27 and other routes see damage to persons and property daily, due to mistakes and carelessness in the trucking industry.

Victims of personal injury have a right to compensation from those at fault. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses amount to large sums and you and your family should not have to pay them yourself.

The Lawrence Law Firm is here to help you. When you are claiming damages from a business, the defendant is typically very resistant. For example, after a tractor-trailer accident, the trucking company will have lawyers on the scene almost immediately to look for exculpatory evidence tending to show they were not responsible. Our firm is on the scene as soon as you call us.

Our investigation skills are superb and we are relentless in searching for the truth. In a recent case, a driver of a truck carrying logs caused severe injury to our client. We hired an expert to prove what really happened. When there was discrepancy in the testimony of the driver, the insurance company realized a jury would not believe their side of the story. They finally made a reasonable settlement offer.

Call 407-738-4866 or 888-Mr-Lawrence to speak with an experienced attorney, or contact us online. There are no fees unless and until we obtain compensation for you.

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