After the significant changes to workers' compensation laws in 2003, many attorneys ceased that aspect of their practice. At The Lawrence Law Firm, we diligently and aggressively face the additional challenges to help secure the benefits that you deserve.

Our Workers' Compensation Information Center provides additional details about the workers' compensation system and contains answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Process and Challenges You Face

If you are out of work due to an injury, we will expedite the process to resolve your claim quickly, so you can begin collecting your workers' compensation benefits and lost wages. Our lawyers will educate you about your rights and what to ask your doctor during your examinations.

Whether you are completely healed or have permanent work restrictions, your options will be to return to your old job, attend vocational training for a new career or settle the workers' compensation matter and move on. If you choose to train for a different field, you can still collect your benefits. You have options after your injury, but understanding them can be overwhelming without the help of a knowledgeable attorney.

Retaliatory Practices

In some situations, an employer may fire an injured employee before the physician deems them healed of their injuries. Essentially, the employer is looking for a reason to dismiss the workers' compensation claimant. That action can be construed as retaliation for filing a claim following an injury. At The Lawrence Law Firm, we can file suit against that employer for retaliation.

Challenges with Insurance Companies

Individuals who are injured on the job often face obstacles with the insurance companies regarding medical care for their injuries. The so-called “independent” physicians may not refer you to a specialist, even if you need one.

If the insurance company agrees to pay for a specialist, and that doctor recommends physical therapy, an MRI or surgery, the insurance company may delay paying for those treatment options. That is where an aggressive workers' compensation attorney from The Lawrence Law Firm can help.

If your injury resulted from the negligence of a fellow employee or non-staff member, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim as well. If your injuries keep you out of work for a year, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability.

For more information on your workers' comp claim or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.