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Supplemental Security Income can help Florida Families

As our previous post discussed, Supplemental Security Income is one type of benefit offered by the Social Security Administration. It is, of course, a little different from Social Security Disability Insurance - but how, exactly? In addition, how can children - such as those with long-term cancer - obtain coverage? There can be many questions not only about the program, but also about how to obtain benefits.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month a good reminder about SSI

No illness is every wanted, but there are few situations that tug on the heartstrings more than learning a child has cancer. Some forms are more treatable than others, but the treatment for any cancer can be difficult even for a healthy adult. Yet, as September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the focus can turn to teaching the public about the types of cancer that can affect kids - some 13,000 children diagnosed each calendar year.

How do I apply for Social Security Disability benefits?

Having a disabling condition can affect your ability to live your normal life, including going to work. When the condition prevents you from working entirely, you may be interested in applying for Social Security Disability benefits. But before you do so, it is good to have a full understanding of the application process so you can step forward on the right foot.

Defining 'disability' for SSDI

Social Security benefits are incredibly important to those in Florida who receive them, particularly when it is their sole source of income. When it comes to applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the underlying question of all is: are you disabled?

What disability benefits are available to children?

Children are often the pride and joy of their parents. Florida parents will go to great lengths to make sure their children have everything they need to be happy, healthy and safe. In some situations, however, children are facing special needs that require a lot of specialized care. Parents in these situations may feel overwhelmed with the physical and financial needs of a child.

Helping those with mental disorders protect their SSDI benefits

Most Florida residents rely on some sort of income in order to meet their basic needs, such as food, housing and clothing. When a person is unable to work, and therefore cannot receive income from an employer, it can be a scary situation. People may wonder how they will secure the money they need to take care of themselves.

Autism and Social Security disability benefits

Kissimmee resident who suffer from a disability know that Social Security Disability Income can be an important source of income. In this recent blog post, this blog explained how difficult it can be for people -- especially young people -- to obtain SSDI benefits when they are struggling with mental illness. The requirements that people need to meet can be arduous for people who are struggling as it is.

SSDI payments and retirement age

Many seniors look forward to retirement. It's a time where they can stop working and enjoy themselves and everything they have worked their entire lives for. They can travel, take up hobbies or spend time with friends and family. Additionally, once they reach age 66, Social Security can provide a boost in their income that provides some financial security.

What are the levels of social security disability appeals?

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security Disability payments in order to meet their basic needs. These people are suffering from medical conditions that keep them from working. This income is vital for many of these individuals. Therefore, when the Social Security Administration denies an application for SSDI or revokes a person's SSDI, the consequences can be serious.

SSDI can be difficult for people suffering with mental illness

For many years, there has been a stigma surrounding mental illness that has made some people reluctant to get help. While these barriers are slowly breaking down, some claim that young people are still having trouble getting the help they need to fight mental illness.