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Can one receive both SSD benefits and workers' comp?

When a person in Florida becomes disabled, they may have a number of resources to fall back on. Some resources, such as pensions and medical insurance, are private and therefore will not affect one's ability to seek Social Security disability benefits. However, other resources are public, such as workers' compensation, and may have an effect on one's ability to seek Social Security disability benefits.

You can go online to apply for disability benefits

Many people in Florida rely on Social Security disability benefits to help them make ends meet when they are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Yet did you know that you can apply for Social Security disability benefits online?

Immune system disorders and receiving SSD benefits

When people in Kissimmee are suffering from a medical issue that is hindering their ability to live life in a normal fashion and they cannot work, they might consider the possibility of filing for disability through the Social Security Administration. Often, they may not understand the federal regulations for certain problems like immune system disorders. People suffering from these immune system disorders might not appear to be ill, but could be highly susceptible to illnesses and viruses.

What are some work incentives when receiving SSD benefits?

While Social Security disability is meant for people in Florida and across the country to receive assistance when they're unable to work, some people who are receiving SSD benefits would like to try and get back into the workforce. The Social Security Administration has certain incentives for those who would like to work again. A common concern for recipients who have met the requirements to receive SSDI or SSI and try to get back into the workforce is what will happen if they are unable to work.

What are suitable medical sources for Social Security disability?

Social Security disability is an available option for Florida residents who meet the medical requirements. This applies to both mental and physical issues. Those who are considering applying for benefits need to understand what they need to prove in terms of evidence and what forms of evidence are acceptable to the Social Security Administration (SSA) according to the federal regulations. The medical sources that are provided must be deemed sufficient before there will be an approval no matter the issues the person suffers from.

Receiving Social Security disability for Somatoform disorders

When a person in Kissimmee has a mental illness, he or she might not be aware that they are able to file for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. While many issues that lead to an approval for disability are clear-cut, there are some that might not be as obvious. One example is when a person is suffering from Somatoform disorders. Understanding what this disorder is and how benefits might be provided because of it is a key to being approved.

Woman denied SSD benefits for ALS gets another chance

Many people who are suffering from an illness or disability in Kissimmee, throughout the state and across the country, fulfill many of the requirements to receive benefits from the government to help them through their issues, but don't meet all of them and are therefore denied Social Security. When it comes to Social Security disability, there are rules that must be followed to receive benefits. These can be confusing and there are nuances that need to be understood to improve the chances of being approved.

What is an organic mental disorder?

People in Florida and across the country who are suffering from some form of mental illness need to understand that they might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. Before moving forward with a filing, however, it's important to have a grasp on certain terms involved with filing, such as what an organic mental disorder is and whether or not they meet the criteria to be approved after filing for disability benefits. This is especially true with children.

How can I get SSD benefits via compassionate allowances?

If an illness strikes a person in Florida, the individual and his or her family might not be aware that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a compassionate program that can provide benefits if they meet the criteria for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. There are certain factors that go into receiving benefits based on these conditions.

Social Security disability for childhood growth issues

When Florida parents are considering Social Security disability, it's important to know the criteria that must be met to receive approval for benefits. When there are childhood problems, parents need to understand what needs to be shown for benefits to be given. If a child has a growth impairment, that alone could be the foundation to be found disabled.