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Long-term saving while receiving disability benefits

Living with a disability can be challenging. While individuals in the Kissimmee area and elsewhere can overcome these obstacles, they may still need financial assistance to maintain a normal lifestyle. Applying for and receiving disability benefits can make a huge difference, and these benefits can be the main reason disabled individuals are able to meet their basic needs.

Can SSD benefits applicants have to question a decision?

Applying for Social Security Disability can be a major and pivotal step to take. Individuals living with disabilities in Florida and elsewhere are likely dealing with challenges related to the disability. This can make it difficult to maintain a job, obtain necessary medical care and even meet their basic living needs.

Eligibility requirements for SSD benefits for children

When disabilities are congenital or acquired in a person's youth, this can be challenging for the children and their parents. While the child's condition is not currently preventing them from working, it does add costs to the household, and it can also make it difficult for a parent to maintain a full-time job. In these cases, there are Social Security Disability options for children, and these benefits can provide financial assistance for the child and their loved ones.

What can you expect to happen at a disability benefits hearing?

Suffering a disability due to an injury or illness can be a difficult situation for residents in Florida to be in. However, being denied Social Security benefits is an even more challenging situation. While many applicants are aware that most initial applications are denied, this does not make the matter any easier. Waiting for much needed benefits can be difficult; therefore, it is important to understand how to appeal this decision and even get a hearing on the books if reconsideration is denied.

Helping you seek SSD benefits for disabling injury or illness

Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one during life due to an injury or an illness, living with a disability can be life altering. The complications stemming from a debilitating condition can often make it difficult or impossible to work. And for Tampa area residents unable to obtain or maintain gainful employment, it can be problematic when it comes to medical expenses and affording the cost of living.

Obtaining SSD benefits after disability has improved

Those who are familiar with the Social Security disability system know that the claims adjudication process can be quite lengthy. Some individuals find themselves waiting for months, or even a year or more, just to have their initial claim heard. Then, if that initial claim is denied, these individuals may need to wait longer to obtain a decision on their appeal. As the Social Security disability system seeks to provide compensation to disabled individuals while they are unable to work, some Floridians may find themselves wondering what happens if, while they are awaiting a claim adjudication, their disability improves and they are able to return to work.

Breast cancer may qualify for compassionate allowance

Social Security Disability benefits are available to those who can prove that they have an injury or medical condition that renders them unable to work. The process of recovering these benefits can be lengthy, as claims adjudicators are backed up and gathering and presenting evidence can take some time. But some disabled individuals can't wait the many months it takes to receive an adjudication. For these individuals, their condition may be so severe that they may not expect to live long enough to go through the process as normal. Yet, bills stop for no one, and even these disabled individuals need to find a way to make ends meet.

SSD claims: we know how to best use evidence to support it

Last week on the blog we discussed the Social Security Administration's evidentiary standards. The SSA can be very strict when it comes to allowing evidence to be considered in support of a SSD benefits claim, which is why many initial claims are rejected. Disabled individuals need to be able to adhere to the SSA's standards, while using the evidence at their disposal to support their claim.

What does the SSA look for when assessing cancer?

Cancer is a horrible disease that affects many Florida families. Although medical advances allow many cancer sufferers to become cancer survivors, the fight can be challenging in more ways than one. These individuals may lose their ability to perform certain physical tasks, and their emotional well-being can take quite a toll. When the cancer impacts their day-to-day lives in such a way that these individuals are unable to work, when they may face uncertainty with regard to their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

The SSA's evidentiary standards for disability evidence

As readers of this blog know, proving that an individual suffers from a disability that meets the Social Security Administration's requirements for Social Security disability benefits isn't always simple. In fact, the matter can be quite complicated with claims adjudicators looking for any weaknesses in a claim that can justify a denial. With this in mind, those seeking to successfully claim SSD benefits need to know how to put forth the strongest, most compelling evidence they can muster.