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Who's responsible if you fall on a restaurant's pavement?

Getting hurt is no one's idea of a good time, but it's even worse when you're hurt on vacation. You were planning to go to several theme parks and to enjoy your time, but you tripped over broken paving stones at a local restaurant and ended up needing surgery on your knee as a result.

Stepped on a rusty object? It's not the rust that's the problem

You've always heard that you should go to the hospital if you step on a rusty nail. At work, you wear heavy-duty boots so that you don't have to worry about it. When you're just out and about, you wear the same kinds of footwear as anyone else; you just want to be comfortable.

4 family members die in tragic fatal collision in Kissimmee

Fatal car crashes are devastating when they involve a single person, but could you imagine if multiple members of your family had been involved? That's what happened in this tragic incident in Florida. According to a news report from late February, four members of a family from Massachusetts were struck and killed in a four-car crash in Kissimmee.

3 hurt in crash involving red car, police cruiser

When you hear sirens, it's important for you to pull over or get out of the way of the emergency vehicle headed your way. In some cases, emergency vehicles don't put on their sirens to avoid being detected, such as when police officers respond to a sensitive call. The situation may arise where a driver is trying to turn and strikes officers on the way to a call. Who's to blame? It truly can depend on the specifics, such as if the officers used their cruiser's sirens and lights or if the vehicle was moving without them and with the flow of traffic.

Workers see large risk in construction deaths in Florida

Florida is going through a building boom right now. As a result, there are plenty of construction teams working together to build hotels, homes and more around the state. This is wonderful for the creation of jobs, but it does mean that fatalities can become more common due to accidents.