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Hazards that cause summertime car accidents

Before you plan the next road trip for your family, you need to be aware of the various hazards that present themselves during the summer months in Kissimmee. With Florida, a popular state for people to retire to and a hot vacation spot, you will notice an increase in traffic volume in the summer. Let's take a look at other summer hazards that affect driver safety.

Safety tips for the pool this summer in Kissimmee

Headed for a swim today? Will you be going to the pool with family and friends a lot this summer in Kissimmee? If so, you need to heed all safety policies posted at the pool. Public and private pools are dangerous places for people of all ages. People sometimes let their guard down, especially when on vacation, and this is when tragedy can strike. Follow these pool safety tips to avoid tragedy this summer.

How to keep your Fourth of July safe and celebratory

The little kid inside you looks forward to it every year: fireworks on the Fourth of July. It’s your favorite part of the holiday festivities. This year, you’ve decided to skip the professional fireworks display on TV—you’re going to put on your own fireworks show for your family and friends.

Follow these steps after suffering an injury on the job

No one wants to spend an extended amount of time out of work because of an injury. This means the employee will need to file for workers' compensation and very likely could have trouble paying the bills. No one is immune to suffering an injury on the job in Kissimmee, Florida. That's why you need to know the steps you should take following an injury.