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Social Security Administration changes rules for mental disorders

Florida residents who have filed Social Security disability claims know the process can be frustrating. Proving you meet SSA requirements is challenging enough, but the requirements themselves may change from time to time, affecting current beneficiaries and new claimants. Individuals with disabilities need to stay up to date on these changes, as they can have a drastic ability on their ability to obtain and continue receiving the much-needed compensation provided through this program.

Current discussion for SSA attempts to cut application backlog

Applicants for Social Security disability benefits in Florida who are rejected when the initial steps of determining disability are made by the Social Security Administration need to be aware of the appeals process. The SSA has certain procedures that it follows with the decisions it makes. However, the current backlog of claims that have yet to be decided upon is sparking a change in the way the SSA handles these cases.

Social Security disability program spared from big cuts

Floridians who were concerned about the budgetary issues surrounding the Social Security Administration and the disability program had their fears assuaged recently when President Obama signed a new bill into law. He suspended the debt limit and funded the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. With these decisions, the potential cut of 20 percent in benefits near the conclusion of 2016 was averted.

Budget addresses Florida Social Security Disability concerns

For Florida residents who rely on receiving federal assistance for illnesses, injuries and conditions, the political climate and financial ramifications of budgetary issues was a constant cause for concern. The financial facts of Social Security Disability (SSD) and its solvency have been an ongoing point of debate for an extended period. The need for Congress to come up with a budget and try to address these financial realities left many wondering how they would be affected by the Social Security Administration and changes that might be afoot.

Social Security disability and the 2016 COLA

Many Florida residents rely on Social Security disability benefits. Benefits are provided to workers who are disabled, retirees, spouses, offspring and disabled veterans. For those who are receiving benefits, there is an expectation that there will be a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) on an annual basis. The economy and inflation determine whether the Social Security Administration (SSA) will have to pay more to recipients. In some years, there will be an increase, but in others, there will not. Those who are seeking benefits or are already receiving benefits need to be aware of these issues that are under current discussion.

Politicians offer plans to shore up Social Security disability

Many Floridians are suffering from illnesses, conditions or disabilities that make it difficult for them to function and work on a daily basis. People in this situation might need assistance to live. With that in mind, Social Security disability is necessary for them to survive. The various programs from the Social Security Administration are designed to help these people and their families. However, like any government program, it is necessary to have adequate funding to pay for it. Recent SSA news has placed the program's viability in question.

Social Security Administration works to address cash shortfall

Recipients of Social Security disability benefits in Florida have enough to worry about in dealing with their illnesses or disabilities without having to wonder about the viability of the program itself. However, because it is a government program, there are always concerns about its funding and certain changes that might be made to it. Keeping an eye on the various issues that arise when it comes to Social Security disability is important for a claimant to be prepared for any changes.

Finances for Social Security disability insurance a growing worry

Residents of Kissimmee who are suffering from a disability and seeking to receive or are already receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration have enough to concern themselves with. Their disability is often a hindrance to their ability to live as close to normally as possible. For some, even receiving an approval for Social Security disability benefits was an arduous ordeal as they went through the evaluation process of determining disability and were unsure as to whether or not they would be approved. Once the benefits are provided, there are still other issues that must be considered, such as the funds that the government uses to pay for it.

Puerto Ricans get disability benefits for not speaking English

There are many Floridians who do not speak English in the home. Many, if not most of these people have come to the United States, specifically Florida, for better opportunities. Despite the United States being known as a land of opportunity, it is still difficult to land that all-important job when a person cannot speak English very well. People in this situation may need a hand up until they can get on their feet, and, as a current discussion about Social Security illustrates, they may be able to get that hand up from disability benefits.

Current discussion in politics roils Social Security disability

Florida residents who are seeking benefits for illness or injury from the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not be political junkies or keep a close eye on the back and forth between political parties regarding legal issues. But the politics that are in play in the current climate can't be ignored when it comes to the rules by which Social Security disability benefits are allocated. Knowing what's under current discussion and how it can influence benefits can make the process easier for prospective claimants.