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Cancer patients should explore all their financial options

Many people's worst fear is being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical illness. Unfortunately, that is the reality for many Floridians. Every day, people are diagnosed with cancer. This oftentimes aggressive and mutli-faceted illness does not discriminate. Everyone from young children to the elderly can be afflicted. Families who are facing a cancer diagnosis generally need to deal with medical uncertainties and extremely high medical costs.

Sudden disability story is a familiar one for SSDI applicants

Our post earlier this week focused on the very real threat that disability can strike anyone at any time, without warning and regardless of current physical health. This is one of the many reasons why keeping programs like Social Security Disability Insurance adequately funded should be a non-political issue with widespread support.

Chronic-pain conditions & the struggle for SSDI benefits: Part II

Earlier this week, we started talking about diseases characterized by chronic pain without a clear and treatable cause. Those who suffer from migraines, for instance, may be able to experiment with various medications to treat and prevent these debilitating headaches. But other conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome often produce chronic pain without an apparent cause and with limited treatment options.