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Can I receive Social Security disability for endocrine disorder?

There are many medical illnesses and conditions that people in Kissimmee might suffer from that would make them eligible for Social Security disability benefits for illness. Qualifying SSD benefits for illness can be confusing with certain medical issues. One such illness is an endocrine disorder. With this problem, there will be a hormonal imbalance. There might be an overproduction of hormones or an underproduction of them. There can be problems because of this. They might involve the pancreas, adrenal, parathyroid, thyroid or pituitary gland.

What are benefits' requirements for wounded warriors?

There are many members of the military and former members of the military in Florida. Given the number of service members who have been in combat, it's no surprise that some are returning to the U.S. with injuries that result in an inability to work. There are often questions as to what wounded warriors can do to determine if they are eligible for qualifying SSD benefits for injury. The Social Security Administration has criteria for wounded warriors to receive benefits.

How Social Security Disability benefits can help you

Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans throughout the country, whether it's in the Orlando and Tampa areas in Florida, or elsewhere throughout the country, who suffer debilitating injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working. Many of these victims struggle to pay bills or medical expenses. And many are not aware that they may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

National Kidney Month and Social Security Disability

March is National Kidney Month. This vital organ is imperative to the health of the human body, as it cleanses an individual's blood, reducing the toxins in the bloodstream. Kidneys are critical to a person's overall well-being. However, many people, including some in the Kissimmee area, will wind up with some sort of kidney condition during their lives. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 20 million people are currently affected by chronic kidney disease. Making matters worse, many of these individuals do not even know that they are ill.

Disabled by a broken bone? We stand ready to help

Our last blog post discussed broken bones in the context of recovering Social Security disability benefits. In order to succeed on a claim, several elements must be shown, including that a break will leave an individual unable or nearly unable to walk, or that a break of an upper extremity bone will not heal within one year. Though this may sound simple enough, there are other factors that come into play, and the law surrounding Social Security disability is often complicated.

Seeking disability benefits for a broken bone

Broken bones are a common injury in Florida. Whether it is caused by a fall, a workplace accident or a car accident, suffering a fracture can greatly impact a person's ability to work. Unfortunately, sometimes a broken bone is so severe that it renders the victim totally disabled.

Back injuries can cause permanent pain, disability

Our nation is built on the backs of construction workers, factory workers, farmers and other skilled laborers who work with heavy machinery, lift heavy loads and perform other physically strenuous tasks every day. Unfortunately, all this hard work can come at a price, particularly when it comes to a worker's back.

Legal assistance with qualifying SSD benefits for illness

When people in Florida are suffering from illnesses, they might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. It must be remembered, however, that there are certain criteria that must be met for qualifying SSD benefits for illness. Many people who are suffering from various illnesses might not realize that they're eligible to file for SSD benefits and that it's wise to get legal advice before moving forward with a filing.

Woman fights to speed disability status for Huntington's disease

In Kissimmee and throughout the nation, there's often confusion as to whether certain illnesses make a person eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits for illness. It can be a difficult road to understand disability status and by the time a decision is made, it's often too late to help the person who applied. There are certain federal regulations that prevent a person from receiving benefits even if the individual is in a situation in which it makes logical sense for the person to receive it.

Legal help with Social Security disability benefits for injury

When a person in Florida is injured and unable to work, there are many concerns that will run through his or her mind as well as the minds of the family members. There is the possibility that medical expenses will be astronomical due to the injuries. Long-term care might be required and the family could bear the brunt of having to assist an injured person. A way to help those who have been hurt in this way is through Social Security disability benefits for injury.