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Disabled by a broken bone? We stand ready to help

Our last blog post discussed broken bones in the context of recovering Social Security disability benefits. In order to succeed on a claim, several elements must be shown, including that a break will leave an individual unable or nearly unable to walk, or that a break of an upper extremity bone will not heal within one year. Though this may sound simple enough, there are other factors that come into play, and the law surrounding Social Security disability is often complicated.

Seeking disability benefits for a broken bone

Broken bones are a common injury in Florida. Whether it is caused by a fall, a workplace accident or a car accident, suffering a fracture can greatly impact a person's ability to work. Unfortunately, sometimes a broken bone is so severe that it renders the victim totally disabled.

Appealing after a denied claim for Social Security disability

When a person in Florida is suffering from a mental or physical issue that is resulting in an inability to work and lost wages, an option that should be explored is applying for Social Security disability benefits. A common concern among those who are considering filing for benefits is what they should if the claim is denied. While many might believe that there is no chance to have a reversal on a denied claim, there are steps to take to appeal the denial and possibly be awarded benefits.