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Social Security disability benefits for injury and workers' comp

When people in Florida and across the country are injured at work and seek to receive Social Security disability benefits for injury, they must be aware of the rules regarding receiving workers' compensation and Social Security disability simultaneously. If the person who was injured and has an inability to work, he or she will be able to receive payments from private insurance and other sources without it having an influence on receiving Social Security disability. However, if there are workers' compensation benefits or other forms of disability benefits, it might reduce the amount the person is eligible for under Social Security disability.

Appealing after a denied claim for Social Security disability

When a person in Florida is suffering from a mental or physical issue that is resulting in an inability to work and lost wages, an option that should be explored is applying for Social Security disability benefits. A common concern among those who are considering filing for benefits is what they should if the claim is denied. While many might believe that there is no chance to have a reversal on a denied claim, there are steps to take to appeal the denial and possibly be awarded benefits.

Can I receive SSD benefits for IBD?

While there are many qualifying SSD benefits for illness that are obvious, there are times when people suffering from certain medical issues are unaware that they meet the criteria of qualifying SSD benefits for illness. They might be under the impression that there's no point in trying because the result is clear and it will be a denied claim. However, those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease can receive SSD benefits according to federal regulations.

Social Security Disability benefits for veterans: part 2

Our last blog post discussed how veterans may be able to benefit from Social Security Disability. They must meet the agency's definition of disabled, however, along with some other conditions. Let's take a closer look now at veterans with a 100 percent permanent and total disability rating from the VA system.