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Back injuries can cause permanent pain, disability

Our nation is built on the backs of construction workers, factory workers, farmers and other skilled laborers who work with heavy machinery, lift heavy loads and perform other physically strenuous tasks every day. Unfortunately, all this hard work can come at a price, particularly when it comes to a worker's back.

What are the requirements for disability due to spine injury?

A concern for some people in Kissimmee and throughout the state has to do with how they will make ends meet when they suffer a back injury so severe that the result is an inability to work. An option that is available is to apply for Social Security disability benefits for injury. Before moving forward with the process to receive benefits, it's important to know which spine disorders are applicable, how they're defined and what has to be proven to be awarded benefits.

Legal help with Social Security disability benefits for injury

When a person in Florida is injured and unable to work, there are many concerns that will run through his or her mind as well as the minds of the family members. There is the possibility that medical expenses will be astronomical due to the injuries. Long-term care might be required and the family could bear the brunt of having to assist an injured person. A way to help those who have been hurt in this way is through Social Security disability benefits for injury.