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Workers' compensation rates to drop in Florida in 2021

News that workers' compensation rates may go down for employers may not seem important for workers, but the reality is that this is an excellent sign. It could mean that there are fewer claims being made and that Florida is becoming a safer place for workers.

Broward Sheriff: Angry passengers attacked airline employees

There's no doubt that air travel is stressful. Canceled and delayed flights, crowded cabins, people trying to fit large bags in to the overhead bins, crying babies and more can pit passengers against one another and often against airline employees.

Watch out for sun poisoning and severe burns

When working in Florida, something you get used to is being out in the sun. For the most part, you know that your employer has the responsibility to protect people against serious heat-related illnesses, but did you know that they're supposed to protect you against sunburns, too?

What benefits can you receive with workers' compensation?

If you are injured while you're at work, your employer's workers' compensation coverage should kick in and give you the opportunity to receive benefits. Once your employer's workers' compensation insurance company is notified of your injury or illness, the company will provide you with an authorized physician to see.

Your concussion should be covered by workers' compensation

You were minding your own business at work and heading to your station when a co-worker suddenly turned a corner and ran into you. Normally, this would have been a minor incident that you could have laughed off, but this time, you tripped over something as you stepped backwards.