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3 arrested, 2 hospitalized after police chase ends in collision

When someone commits a crime and decides to flee from the police, they put themselves and all others around them in harm's way. That's unfortunately what happened in this case that went from Tampa to Central Florida as the police chased suspects in a car burglary case.

Even a short fall can lead to a serious brain injury

You probably know that you can suffer a head injury if you fall, but did you realize that a fall on the same level can be just as dangerous as a fall from a height? If you fall because of tripping or slipping, you could injure yourself just as badly as if you fell from a tree, platform or even down the stairs.

When are property owners liable for alligator attacks?

One of the things Florida is known for -- for better or worse -- is alligators. People who want to see them can head to one of the "gator parks" or other zoological parks in the state. They have plenty of safety measures in place to keep people and the alligators safe.

Who's responsible if you fall on a restaurant's pavement?

Getting hurt is no one's idea of a good time, but it's even worse when you're hurt on vacation. You were planning to go to several theme parks and to enjoy your time, but you tripped over broken paving stones at a local restaurant and ended up needing surgery on your knee as a result.