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Symptoms of a herniated disk

The back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Despite being flexible, the long, winding human spine, along with the many muscles, ligaments and tends associated with it, are easy to move out of place or otherwise injury, especially when a person does heavy lifting or other vigorous manual work.

Representation for chronic pain, related conditions

While it isn't necessarily easy, getting Social Security benefits for chronic pain or a related condition is oftentimes a critical step for an Osceola County, Florida, resident who is struggling with the condition.

Can I get both disability benefits and workers' compensation?

Too many times, a work-related injury leaves a resident of Osceola County, Florida, permanently disabled. These injured workers not only have to deal with the physical aspects of their new limitations, they also have to figure out how they are going to carry on financially without being able to work, especially if they have others who are counting on their paycheck.

Guiding you through the SSD application and appeals process

We do our best to prepare for the what-ifs in life; however, one can never fully prepare him or herself for the extreme ups and downs life can bring. Surprising events can happen, and when they do, we may not know how to navigate them. Take for instance a serious accident that leaves you severely injured. This can significantly alter your ability to get around, care for yourself and even work. In these cases, understanding how Social Security disability benefits could help you can be vital.

Do disability benefits impact the numbers in the workforce?

Suffering an injury is an unexpected event. In is also an event that could significantly alter the life of an accident victim in Florida and elsewhere. And just like individuals do not anticipate being injured in an automobile or work accident, individuals are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the incident. For some victims, their injuries are significant, requiring much medical attention, rehabilitation and recovery. Because of this, some injuries are considered debilitating and prevent some from working.

Helping you recover the SSD benefits that you need

The thing with most injuries is that they are unexpected. Typically, injuries stem from an accident, and because an individual did not expect to be involved in an accident, he or she is now dealing with the unforeseen injuries resulting from the incident. While some of these injuries are easily recoverable, others leave an accident victim with a disabling injury.

Disabling injuries suffered by office employees

Whether you live a very active and adventurous life or you choose to remain calm and laidback, injuries can happen to anybody. Unfortunately, the risks we take in life do not always designate the risks of suffering an injury in his or her everyday life. One place where injuries could present themselves is in the work environment. In fact, even a simple or minor incident could result in a serious work injury, causing an individual to suffer a temporary or permanent disability.

What you need to know about the SSD application process

Most residents in Florida and other states across the nation are aware of the disability programs that are controlled by the Social Security Administration. While it is true that these programs can be very resourceful for those living with disabilities caused by an injury, accident or illness, many are under the perception that if they need assistance through SSDI or SSI, he or she will be deemed qualified and they will receive benefits. This is the unfortunate case of the matter. Some applicants that rely on additional financial assistance to get by are not approved. This is not just a symptom of the sometimes complex program; it is a symptom of not fully understanding these disability programs and how they truly work.

Can you receive SSD benefits for an eye injury?

While we might not realize it, many of the things we do on a daily, weekly and yearly basis present a wide variety of dangers. While these dangers might seem minor, some can place individuals at risk of serious injuries. These injuries could greatly impact the life of the victim, causing them to require much time and medical treatment to recover. And in some unfortunate cases, victims in Florida and elsewhere may never fully recover. With regards to eye injuries, a victim might lose their eyesight, deeming them disabled.

What long-term impacts can a brain injury involve?

Whether it is due to a fall, automobile collision or a workplace incident, a head injury is a severe trauma on the body. Although the skull protects the brain, this does not always evade serious harm to this vital organ. A brain injury can vastly change the victim, making it difficult to return to his or her normal life. And on top of ongoing medical treatment and care, brain injury victims in Florida and elsewhere may no longer be able to hold down a job. Thus, such an injury is not only disabling but also the cause of financial problems.