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Social Security Disability for Mental Conditions Archives

Qualifying for SSD benefits when you suffer from anxiety

Many disabilities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Although a person does not look disabled on the outside, this does not mean that they are not suffering from a disability on the inside. Mental conditions can be very challenging to live with. Some find it difficult to keep a job. The inability to work can be very hard on a person, making it impossible to meet their basic financial needs.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a serious mental health condition

A previous post on this blog talked about how our law office represents Kissimmee, Florida, residents, as well as those who live throughout Central Florida, in claiming Social Security Disability benefits for anxiety-related mental health conditions.

Helping Florida residents with anxiety disorders

Suffering from an anxiety disorder is nothing like simply being a chronic worrier or having some stress in your life. The effects of an anxiety disorder can be debilitating and leave a Florida resident unable to go to work.

What is early onset dementia?

As individuals in Florida and elsewhere enter their elderly years, it is expected that memories will fade and it will be tougher to recall some memories. While this is common for the aging population, having memory issues is not common among younger individuals.

Compassionate help for a range of mental conditions

Our law office recognizes that any number of mental health conditions, even when properly treated, can be debilitating and leave a resident of Kissimmee or other parts of Central Florida unable to work in gainful employment that suits their skills, no matter how much they really would love to have and hold a job.

Review of schizophrenia symptoms

Previous posts here have discussed schizophrenia, but it is helpful to review the symptoms and causes of this condition for those Central Florida residents who think they may have this condition and believe it is impacting their ability to find gainful employment.

What proof do I need to show my mental condition is a disability?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, a resident of the Central Florida area can get Social Security disability benefits for a variety of mental health conditions so long as he or she meets the Social Security Administration's requirements.

PTSD isn't just something from which soldiers suffer

Many people think of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, as a condition which afflicts soldiers who have seen combat. This is indeed true, and those veterans who suffer from it deserve utmost sympathy and support.

Legal help for those who have suffered emotional trauma

Some of the biggest wounds veterans and other people who have experienced trauma face are not physical. In fact, a person who may seem fine on the outside may be completely torn up emotionally because of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, or on account of some other condition that stems from a traumatic event.

Benefits are possible for people with ADHD

A previous post on this blog discussed how our office has represented parents of children who have serious ADHD or other neurological conditions in getting disability benefits for their children through the Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, program.