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What does rehabilitation after a TBI entail?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at anytime and at any place. While these events alone are shocking, the injuries suffered from them can be surprising and life altering. Take for example a brain injury. Even minor head trauma can impact a person's cognitive abilities, even causing consistent pain. The aftermath of a traumatic brain injury could leave an accident victim disabled. Although there are medical and rehabilitative options, this may not improve a victim enough to allow them to return to their normal life and maintain a job.

Back pain causing long-term disability

WE all experience aches and pains from time to time. Whether it was a rough workout or strains from the workplace, our bodies go through a lot on a daily basis. For some individuals, back pain can get severe. In some cases, the pain can get so intense that it can be difficult to get around and manage the pain. In these matters, the pain could be so extreme that it can be debilitating at times.

Helping you secure the SSD benefits you need

We have all heard the saying that accidents happen. And while this is very true on the minor scale, no one truly expects to be involved in a serious accident that renders him or her severely disabled. Unfortunately, our lives can drastically change in a blink of an eye. Whether it is a workplace accident, automobile collision, slip-and-fall or any other type of accident, victims of such an incident are often dealing with much pain and suffering while they attempt to figure out what they are going to do to better their situation and future.

Your employer's role in your workers' compensation claim

When a worker suffers an injury in his or her workplace or becomes ill due to work-related toxic exposure, it can lead to serious financial loss. In many cases, these Florida workers may need time off work, extensive medical care and other types of support after a serious accident in the workplace.

Seeking SSD benefits for a debilitating injury

We have all heard the phrase "accidents happen." When we think about it, we often think of a simple trip, fall or bump. We don't think of severe and tragic incidents that could completely alter the life of the victim. These accidents we never believe will happen, and when they do, we often do not know what to do about them. While medical treatment is the obvious first step, what can Florida residents do when they are no longer able to work after suffering serious and debilitating injuries in an accident?

Review of workers' compensation and SSD benefits

Although previous posts here have covered the topic, it is helpful for injured workers in and around Kissimmee, Florida, to be reminded that there may be other options available to them above and beyond workers' compensation benefits. As is the case in other states, when someone suffers from a crippling injury at work, that person can get workers' compensation in order to pay off medical bills and cover some lost wages. However, workers' compensation will rarely cover all of a Florida victim's bills and lost income.

If I am hurt in a car accident, can I get disability benefits?

Many people in Tallahassee might not want to think about the fact that there is always a chance that the car trip they are about to take, even if it is a short commute to work, can end with a debilitating injury.

Injuries to the spine can be debilitating

Many people in Kissimmee, Florida, know that a spinal cord injury of any kind is a serious affair. In many cases, these sorts of injuries leave a person unable to walk or, in the worst cases, unable even to move any muscle below their neck.

We advocate for you while seeking SSD benefits for injuries

When suffering a disabling injury prevents you from being able to work, you are likely aware of your options when it comes to seeking Social Security Disability benefits. If you believe that you qualify for these benefits and have evidence to prove it, many will just go ahead and apply. However, if applicants in Florida is not detailed enough or does not effectively prove that he or she is suffering form a qualifying disability, the claim could be denied.

We pursue disability claims for those with muscle, bone problems

Although many people hope to be able to continue to work in industry, construction or other physically demanding fields until they are ready to retire, such is sadly not the case for many Florida workers.