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Even a mild stroke can keep a person out of work

Many people in and around Tallahassee, Florida, suffer from a stroke or, at least, have certain risk factors that may lead them to have a stroke in the near future. On some occasions, a person can even have a stroke without even knowing it but may be at risk for a more serious stroke in the upcoming months and years.

Benefits for diseases related to addiction or alcoholism

It is a sad fact that many Florida residents in Osceola County suffer from the burden of a drug or alcohol problem. Many of these people are high functioning enough to be able to hold down a job, and many may put years of service in to their profession.

Will cancer treatment affect one's ability to work? (Part 2)

There are a number of strategies of which cancer patients may avail themselves in order to try to manage working and treatment at the same time, as we discussed last week on our Kissimmee Social Security Disability law blog. Depending in part on the nature of their job as well as the specifics of their illness, it is possible for many to do so. But what happens when cancer treatment leads to a patient's inability to work?

Will cancer treatment affect one's ability to work? (Part 1)

Last week on our blog, we took a look at Kissimmee cancer patients' eligibility for federal benefits. Because disability benefits are generally linked to the applicant's ability (or inability) to work, we'll spend some time this week trying to answer the question: what kind of an impact can cancer treatment be expected to have on a patient's ability to work? The discussion should be understood as general information, and not specific legal advice.

What factors are used to evaluate disability benefits for cancer?

Cancer can be one of the most serious illnesses a person in Florida can suffer. Not only is the disease itself incapacitating, but even the treatments used to put the cancer into remission can negatively impact a person's health. The Social Security Administration recognizes this, and has included cancer in its "Listing of Impairments."

Study finds correlation between aspirin and lowered cancer risk

Many people in Florida know someone who has had cancer, or they may even have had cancer themselves. They understand that it is a debilitating disease that can take years to recover from, or even be fatal. Therefore, any new ways to combat the chance one might develop cancer are of great importance.

Disability benefits for endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders affect the glands of the human body. For example, when disorders cause the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas glands to overwork or underwork the other systems of a person's body can be negatively impacted. This post will briefly mention some of the major diseases and disorders that Floridians suffer from and that are caused by endocrine complications but readers are cautioned that the information contained herein does not provide legal or medical advice.

Helping those in need seek SSD after a serious illness diagnosis

We do many things to better our health. Whether it is working out, eating healthy or going to the doctor for check-ups and treatment, we take these steps to avoid health issues. While these are excellent steps to implement in life, taking these measures does not always help individuals in Florida avoid major illnesses. Whether one is diagnosed with a terminal disease or acquired a disabling illness, it is important for individuals to understand their rights.

What are the added needs for children with disabilities?

As discussed recently, having a child diagnosed with a disability is tough news to hear. Providing for a child with disabilities can be life changing. While raising a child in general can be costly, the added costs of raising a child with a mental, emotional or physical disability can add numerous expenses. On top of the medical bills associated with the child's needs, parents will also have to make numerous and constant accommodations for their child.