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Can I get disability benefits for diabetes?

Many residents of Central Florida have diabetes. In most cases, this condition be treated, or at least kept under control, with a proper course of medical treatment. Because it is treatable, diabetes ordinarily is not going to qualify a person for Social Security disability.

Understanding compassionate allowance for SSD benefits

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is a shocking and emotional event. We often think that this can happen to other people and could not possibly happen to us. Unfortunately, we cannot control when and who is diagnosed with a serious health condition. However, one does have some control over what they can do to overcome the challenges generate by the diagnosis. One could file for Social Security disability to help offset the financial burdens caused by the matter.

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease and related illnesses

A previous post here discussed how our law office is able to assist victims of Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis and other digestive ailments in order to get disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. It is important for residents of Central Florida to realize that these sorts of digestive ailments are more than an occasional bout of diarrhea or even an ongoing problem with a weak stomach. For instance, the symptoms of Crohn's disease can include serious issues like rectal bleeding, chronic fatigue and weight loss, in addition to a constant need to use the bathroom.

How we can help victims of Crohn's Disease, related issues

A number of Central Floridians struggle with digestive conditions like Crohn's Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, also called IBS, and other problems with the intestines or other parts of the digestive tract.

What sorts of conditions can cause seizures?

When a resident of Central Florida thinks of someone having a seizure, the image that comes to mind may be that of someone writhing or shaking uncontrollably on the ground. While this is one type of seizure, there are in fact many different types of seizures that come with their own symptoms.

Blood diseases and conditions can be debilitating

While the phrase "blood disease" is itself a broad term, it refers to a wide variety of illnesses, any one of which could require a lot of medical treatment and sharply limit a Central Florida resident's ability to work. These diseases include genetic conditions with which people are born, as well as types of cancer and other conditions that people develop over time.

Even a mild stroke can keep a person out of work

Many people in and around Tallahassee, Florida, suffer from a stroke or, at least, have certain risk factors that may lead them to have a stroke in the near future. On some occasions, a person can even have a stroke without even knowing it but may be at risk for a more serious stroke in the upcoming months and years.

Benefits for diseases related to addiction or alcoholism

It is a sad fact that many Florida residents in Osceola County suffer from the burden of a drug or alcohol problem. Many of these people are high functioning enough to be able to hold down a job, and many may put years of service in to their profession.

Will cancer treatment affect one's ability to work? (Part 2)

There are a number of strategies of which cancer patients may avail themselves in order to try to manage working and treatment at the same time, as we discussed last week on our Kissimmee Social Security Disability law blog. Depending in part on the nature of their job as well as the specifics of their illness, it is possible for many to do so. But what happens when cancer treatment leads to a patient's inability to work?