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New study challenges myth that disability is ineffective

One of the reasons politicians frequently target the Social Security disability program is that it purportedly does not do much to get Floridians and other Americans out of poverty. In other words, despite the billions paid out in disability benefits each year, those receiving them seem to remain "poor", at least as that term is defined under the law of this country.

New law will increase oversight of representative payees

A new measure recently signed in to law after being passed unanimously by Congress will increase oversight over "representative payees" and will also give those in Central Florida who are receiving disability benefits, including both SSI and SSDI, more input into the decision as to whom their representative payee will be.

Budget gives some hope that backlog will be reduced

The recent budget measure that passed Congress may offer a glimmer of hope to Central Florida residents who have been waiting months or even years to get a hearing on their Social Security Disability benefits application so that they can get the money they need in order to survive financially despite having a serious illness or injury.

Where exactly are Social Security benefits going?

Each month, the Social Security Administration pays out over $80 billion in benefits to Americans who are eligible for one type of program or another. The vast majority of these dollars go to Social Security's retirement program. However, of the $80 billion a month that is being spent, $11 billion goes to pay disability benefits to people across the country, including in Central Florida, who qualify for them. Of this $11 billion, all but $600 million goes to disabled workers themselves. The remainder consists of small monthly payments made to spouses or children of the disabled workers.

Budget proposal may impact disability benefits

The latest round of Congressional budget talks is in full force after the President unveiled his latest budget proposal. Although the President's budget will likely be mulled over and changed substantially before it becomes the law of the land, if it stands, disability benefits for Central Florida residents could be affected.

New report suggests more consistency needed in SSA decisions

There has been a lot of talk in the news about how long it takes for a Florida resident, as well as those in other parts of the country, to get a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge after having an application for disability benefits denied.

Some perspective on Social Security's future

Many Osceola County, Florida, residents have probably heard stories that the trust funds administered by the Social Security Administration, and which pays for disability benefits like SSDI, is on the brink of a collapse because the money going to the trust simply isn't matching what is coming out.

Will Social Security Disability payments increase in 2018?

There's some good news on the horizon for disabled recipients of Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration has announced a 2 percent increase in payments for 2018. We'll review what this could mean for our Osceola County readers; this information is intended to be general in nature, not specific legal advice.