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If you fall ill, you may qualify for Social Security Disability

If you fall ill or are injured and can no longer work, one thing that could help you is Social Security Disability. Social Security Disability benefits do require that you provide extensive documentation of your illness or injury. That can make it hard to qualify. Fortunately, there are specific steps that you can follow for the best possible outcome when you make a claim.

An attorney can help you understand the application process. Remember, you may qualify for Social Security Disability if you:

  • Have a disabling condition that is expected to last for at least a year or end in death
  • Are not able to work or engage in "substantial gainful activity"
  • Cannot do any other job that you're qualified for due to the injury or illness

To get approved for benefits, your application must contain as much information as possible about the conditions that limit your ability to work, your symptoms, your work history and your education and training.

In addition, you may be asked to go to a consultative exam by an independent physician. That usually happens if the medical information from your own physicians is scant or unclear.

Social Security Disability also has certain technical requirements that have to be met regarding your work and earnings. If you are unable to qualify for SSDI for technical reasons, you may still be able to file for Supplemental Security Income (depending on your assets and resources).

Unfortunately, it is common for applicants to have their claims denied, which means that they must file an appeal. The good news is that you have a right to appeal a Social Security Disability denial, which is something that your attorney can help handle.

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