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When you fall at work, you may be entitled to support

You've always loved your job, but there are risks involved. You're often working high above the earth, which can be dangerous. You use safety equipment, but if you were to fall, the likelihood is that you'd be badly hurt.

It was an unfortunate day when the worst finally came to pass. As you walked up several flights of newly finished stairs in a construction project, one of them broke. The wood must have been bad. Regardless of the cause, you ended up falling backward and down the stairs.

Though you were fortunate in that you didn't fall too far, you still hurt your back badly. Your coworker was able to call for help, and you soon found out that you'd broken your spinal vertebrae in two places. You also bruised your spinal cord, which has left you with weakness and pain.

After an incident like this, you might feel upset or worried about your finances, personal health and other concerns. It's normal to feel that way and to worry about how you're going to cover the cost of your medical care or other financial consequences.

The good news is that most workers who are harmed on the job do have the opportunity to pursue workers' compensation. Workers' compensation generally covers a portion of your lost wages, which can help you feel better as you focus on your health instead of going to work. Additionally, you may be able to seek additional benefits, like vocational rehabilitation, so you can get a new job if you can't return to what you did before. Of course, workers' compensation benefits also include medical benefits, paying for the necessary medical care you need.

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