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Living with an amputation: Getting used to the changes in life

Severe injuries change your life in an instant. One moment, you may be thinking about a vacation or planning an important event in your life. The next, you could be waking up in a hospital following a traumatic collision.

Of the injuries that you could suffer, one of the more serious is an amputation. An amputation may be necessary if a bone shatters beyond repair or if crushing injuries damage the limb too badly to fix the damage.

Amputations are generally performed to save as much of a body part as possible. Around 1.8 million Americans live with amputations today.

Amputations can do more than just cost you a limb. They can have a serious psychological impact on top of the physical pain and dysfunction you now have to live with. For people who have new amputations, there is a long road of physical recovery as well as adjustment to ghost sensations, learning to walk with prostheses or using a prosthesis on the arm and having to adjust in their personal or work lives. Some may find that they cannot return to work or that they now require daily help in their lives when they were once highly independent.

As someone who is dealing with the loss of a body party, it's important for you to see the situation resolved in a positive manner. Your attorney will help you seek fair compensation so that you can move forward in your life and focus on your recovery. Good representation can make a difference as you learn to cope with a severe injury like an amputation.

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