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3 hurt in crash involving red car, police cruiser

When you hear sirens, it's important for you to pull over or get out of the way of the emergency vehicle headed your way. In some cases, emergency vehicles don't put on their sirens to avoid being detected, such as when police officers respond to a sensitive call. The situation may arise where a driver is trying to turn and strikes officers on the way to a call. Who's to blame? It truly can depend on the specifics, such as if the officers used their cruiser's sirens and lights or if the vehicle was moving without them and with the flow of traffic.

Here's a good example of a case where it's not clear who's at fault, but both vehicles were damaged and contained injured victims inside. The crash, which happened on South Kirkman Road, took place just before 1:00 p.m. It was then that two officers were responding to a criminal offense allegedly in progress.

The news reports that the patrol car hit another vehicle while the officers were headed to the call. Looking at the aerial footage, you can see that the patrol vehicle was badly damaged. The roof allegedly had to be removed to be able to free the officers who were injured inside. The other vehicle, a red car, was also damaged. Presently, it's not clear who was at fault, but the two officers and the third person involved in the crash were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

No matter who you are, you must be cautious on the roads. If you aren't then you could end up in a crash that leads to injuries.

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