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Caring for a loved one with a complete spinal cord injury

The accident that left your loved one paralyzed from a spinal cord injury changed your life as well. Whether your loved one is a spouse, a child or some other relation, your commitment to that person means you are committed to his or her care. You have no choice but to step out of your comfort zone.

Not only will you have to learn whatever you can to provide for your loved one's physical needs, but you will also play a key role in his or her emotional recovery, which may take considerable time. You may have to dig deep for the patience and strength to sacrifice your own plans and focus on building a quality life for your loved one. It will be impossible to know what to expect each day, and you should resolve early to reach out for help wherever you can find it.

The work can take its toll

Caring for someone with paraplegia or quadriplegia can be exhausting, frustrating and thankless. It can be hard to remember how your loved one is suffering when you are feeling physically and emotionally drained yourself. Many caregivers of someone who is paralyzed have similar experiences from time to time, including:

  • Days when your loved one resists your help or lashes out because of his or her own frustration
  • Times when one of you brings the other down because you feel tired or discouraged
  • Moments when you feel resentful or that your loved one does not appreciate all you do
  • Days when your loved one's care so consumes you that you fail to take proper care of yourself, such as eating well and getting enough rest
  • Feelings of being trapped in the home because you must watch over your loved one
  • Days when you feel exhausted or even in pain from the strength it takes to care for your loved one

You do not have to manage the care of your loved one on your own. Many in your situation find it helpful to find professional caregivers who can offer tremendous relief by helping with tasks like bathing, dressing and transporting your loved one to medical appointments and therapy.

Of course, the cost of this kind of care is not cheap. However, if your loved one's injury resulted from someone else's negligence, you may have cause to pursue compensation through the civil courts. With the assistance of a compassionate and experienced Florida attorney, you can learn about your options for seeking justice for your loved one through a personal injury claim.

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