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Bus collision involving 75 school children causes injuries

When you send your children to school, you don't expect them to get hurt as a result of their bus driver's behavior. You hope that all the drivers have been trained to be cautious, especially with children on board. A Jan. 7 report in Kissimmee shows just show dangerous riding to school or using a bus for a field trip can be, though.

According to the news, two school buses carrying 75 students ended up colliding with each other in Osceola County. Both buses were from the same school district and came from Tohopekaliga High School.

The police officers who attended the scene reported that both buses were traveling next to each other when one of the drivers attempted to change lanes. Unfortunately, the other bus was in the next lane, so the buses collided.

Now, one bus driver will be charged for their role in the crash, facing a charge for making an improper lane change. Fortunately, while there were complaints of injuries, no student had to be taken to the hospital immediately following the crash.

If your child or children are involved in a collision, it's important that you know the steps to take next. You should always make sure that they receive emergency medical care or see a medical provider after a crash. From that point, you can start working with your attorney to determine if you have a strong case and how much it could be worth. Your attorney will help you handle the insurance company, so you can seek the compensation that is fair.

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