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Worker electrocuted and in life-threatening condition in Florida

Workers' compensation is designed to be used by those who are hurt on the job. Whether you're injured as a result of another person's negligent actions or you accidentally hurt yourself, you can still file a claim.

Workers' compensation may cover accidents like this one in which a construction worker was critically injured when he was involved in an electrical accident.

The worker was installing traffic signals on North Kernan Boulevard in East Arlington when the truck he was using accidentally came into contact with a high-power transmission line. The man, doing work for a subcontractor of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, attempted to get off the truck, but he was electrocuted. The victim was in life-threatening condition when he was rushed to the hospital, according to police.

The victim received immediate CPR from a man at the scene. There were several witnesses as well as residents in the neighborhood who heard and smelled trouble. The utility company JEA stated that it had not received any request to turn off power to the transmission lines in the area while the traffic lights were being installed.

This is a case that may have been prevented with better preparation, but the reality is that what has happened is done and that a victim needs to be cared for. Workers who are badly hurt in this way should receive the highest-quality medical care and be able to focus on their health, not the cost of medical treatment or their lost wages. Workers' compensation can be helpful, so it is important to seek it.

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