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Government shutdown begins to affect those waiting for disability

With a government shutdown in place, a major question people have is how it will affect Social Security Disability (SSD). Right now, the government shutdown affects around 25 percent of the government.

The best news so far is that the payments made to those with Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security will not stop. A partial shutdown doesn't affect those programs, since they are part of the government's mandatory spending.

However, if you are a new applicant hoping to obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you could be in for a longer wait. Unfortunately, processing is slower during government shutdowns.

The good news is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) did create a contingency plan for emergencies such as the government shutdown. It detailed that it would stay open and operating even as some of its workers and other programs come to a halt. Nonessential employees of the SSA may not come to work during the shutdown, and benefit verifications and new Social Security cards are also stopped.

This government shutdown is primarily a result of refusing to approve a new budget for certain programs. The president is hoping to use the shutdown as a way to finally obtain the border wall that he has promised during his term.

If the government shutdown does begin to affect you, it's important to reach out. There may be options available to help you until the shutdown has passed, especially if you have not yet been able to obtain the benefits that you believe you are entitled to. Good support is necessary during these trying times in the United States.

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