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Protecting your rights during the SSD application process

Being diagnosed with a mental condition can be difficult to handle. A person is not only struggling with the symptoms of the condition but also the life-changing impacts it causes. One is never prepared for what this diagnosis will truly bring; however, individuals in Florida suffering from a mental illness have opportunities to regain control of some areas of their lives. If a person is unable to work because of a mental condition, he or she could offset the financial hardships caused by a loss of income by applying for Social Security Disability.

SSD benefits provide applicants with opportunities and the ability to acquire necessary and basic items, such as food, medical care and shelter. At the Lawrence Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have helped countless clients obtain the SSD benefits they need. Our firm is devoted to helping residents in the Tampa area navigate the application process.

We understand that it can be difficult to fully understand what qualifies a person for benefits and what requirements must be met in order to be approved for these needed benefits. Our knowledgeable attorneys take the time to explain the process and help them collect all necessary documentation for an initial claim.

Even if an initial claim is denied, we are always prepared to help our clients file for reconsideration. Even if this step still results in a denial, we will help a client understand their rights to assert an appeal. We are well-versed and experienced in the appeals process, and will prepare you for the disability hearing.

To learn more, check out our law firm's SSD for mental conditions website. Mental issues can prevent sufferers from maintaining a normal life or even holding down a job. Even though this disabling condition does not present physical or visible traits, this does not mean that an individual can continue with their normal routine or that they are not suffering. Therefore, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to those suffering from mental conditions.

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