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What are the most common disabling work-related injuries?

No one expects to suffer a serious injury, but the reality is that accidents can happen at any time and any place. One of those places is the workplace. When a worker suffers a disabling injury in the workplace, he or she will likely seek workers' compensation benefits. While these are very helpful benefits to collect, injured workers could seek other disability benefits. This is especially true if they have suffered a long-term disability. In these cases, Social Security Disability can be extremely helpful.

One of the most common work-related injuries

Every day, most residents in Florida spend their day at work. While this is a means to make a living, work is often more than that. A career can be a person's goal in life and a place he or she enjoys spending their time. Although the workplace provides a source of income for individuals, some employees do not consider how a work environment could impact them. In other words, the elements in the workplace could present some serious risks to employees, causing them harm or injury.

Helping you navigate the SSD process for a debilitating injury

When residents in Florida become injured, he or she likely has a plan to recover from this unfortunate situation. Even during tough times, it is likely that individuals will receive the care needed for the injury. In matters where the injury is debilitating, however, this can be challenging to maintain the money flow for treatment and offset the financial hardships caused by the inability to work. In these cases, Social Security Disability benefits hold a useful and necessary position in society.

Understanding if you qualify for SSI benefits

When individuals hear Social Security benefits, it is likely they think about the government program in which individuals must pay into in order to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits should they later need them.

Government workers more likely to be injured on the job

Working can be a dangerous activity. Construction workers may operate near heavy machinery and fast-moving traffic, firefighters can run into burning buildings, and even office workers can be subjected to repetitive motions that can leave them injured. Although the workers' compensation system may prove beneficial for those who are unable to work for a certain period of time, for many Floridians, their injuries are too severe to resume normal life. For these individuals, it may be wise to seek out Social Security disability benefits.

Must you be completely disabled in order to receive benefits?

Before the Social Security Administration will grant an individual's claim for Social Security Disability benefits, it must be satisfied that the individual meets certain federal requirements. The extent of an individual's medical condition, of course, is paramount, which is why the SSA has created a listing of qualify medical conditions. Yet, not every injury or illness is laid out in the listing. Does this mean that an individual who suffers extensive pain and suffering is unable from successfully claiming SSD benefits?

Pursing SSD benefits for injuries when initial claim denied

Throughout time, fate throws curveballs that can change the direction of our lives. For many Floridians, this means a suffering a disabling injury or illness that leaves them unable to work. As we discussed last week, these conditions can often arise in the aftermath of a serious car accident. Recouping from these injuries can take a significant amount of time, and for some the healing process never ends. When these individuals are unable to work for a significant period of time on account of their disability, then it may be time to seek out Social Security disability benefits.

Can I receive SSD benefits after a car accident?

Whether or not you can successfully claim Social Security disability benefits after a car accident really depends on the severity of your injuries. The Social Security Administration lists a number of injuries and illnesses that qualify for SSD benefits. However, merely meeting the qualifications listed for a given medical condition may not be enough to qualify you for benefits, as the disabling condition must also lead to an inability to work.

What is the true cost of a spine injury?

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer from spinal cord injuries. These injuries may occur in car wrecks, workplace accidents, or medical conditions. Regardless of the exact cause, a spinal cord injury can leave a victim with a life that is far different from what they once considered normal. They may be left totally or partially paralyzed, and their motor and bodily functions may be jeopardized. While it can be extremely challenging to overcome this sudden and drastic shift in one's daily life, causing serious physical and emotional pain, it can also be financially devastating.

Woman denied SSD benefits for not meeting work requirements

Social Security disability benefits can be a financial lifesaver for those suffering from a disability. Oftentimes, those who are thinking about applying for SSD benefits concern themselves with whether they fit the Social Security Administration's definition of "disabled." It is true that this is a critical aspect of the SSD claims process, but it is not, by any means, the only factor that comes into play. As we have discussed previously on this blog, an individual who is seeking SSD benefits also needs to demonstrate that he or she has adequate work history.